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Smart collection
and processing solutions for

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Reuse and Recycling

A second life for
Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Promoting citizens and students behavioral
change toward sustainability.
smart bins, dedicated educational pathways
and rewarding systems will ensure
a second life for WEEE and used EEE.

Traceability and data collection
of the WEEE value chain

A new management model for WEEE collection to boost recovery, reuse and recycling



The collection of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is carried out through an articulated and complex chain that make room for often illegal parallel channels. It is therefore necessary to work on the one hand to improve the traceability of flows, on the other hand for a cultural change supported by a reward system for virtuous behavior.


InnoWEEE aims to increase the WEEE collection through innovative strategies such as the use of smart bins and the implementation of a web-platform, which will be tested in three pilot areas. The project aims to put into practice efficient processes for the valorisation of resources, both through the regeneration and re-use of still usable devices, and through the correct recycling and evaluation of valuable materials that can be reintroduced into the production cycle. InnoWEEE intends to use localization services for the collection and transport flows of the appliances collected throughout the supply chain, from the transfer to the recovery and recycling phases, through a web platform based on interoperable data and standard ICT protocols.